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Vanaf 1 juni 2017 is onze nieuwe spreekuurlocatie:
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Vanaf Station Bergen op Zoom neemt u de stadsbus nr 23 richting Noordgeest via Meilust. U stapt uit bij halte Burg. Wittelaan. Als u kijkt in de richting waarin de bus rijdt, ziet u ons pand liggen. Loop in de richting van ons pand en neem de eerste rechts (Pomonalaan) en vervolgens de eerste links (Dahliastraat) Neem opnieuw de eerste links, dan loopt u direct op ons pand af. We zijn gevestigd op de eerste etage.

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Spreekuurlocatie Rotterdam

Let op: per 13 april 2015 is de spreekuurlocatie in Rotterdam verhuisd naar:

Langstraat 11-12
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Online check of your home-workplace

Make your home-workplace a healthy workplace

How do you arrange a proper workplace at home? In what part of your house can you work at your best level? How do you minimise the risks of problems? What is the most beneficial work posture for you?

Online advice about your home-workplace
Bedrijfsartsen5 offers all home-workers an online home-workplace check. In an online video-appointment, an expert will have look with you at your home-workplace. You get immediate advice and your questions are answered. This also includes help tools and correct work posture.

The practical home-workplace check
The home-workplace check is based on the latest ergonomic guidelines and norms, naturally as related to your posture, your work method and any complaints that you have. Some complaints require professional advice. Sometimes, that might be just a bit different from the standard advice. Take for example advice about an adjustable sitting position in case of certain back problems.

Clear advice
The advice that you receive during the online appointment from a workplace expert, you later also get per e-mail as feedback. That allows you to reread everything calmly and arrange matters according to your situation.

The Online home-workplace check:

  • Workplace: Chair | Desk | Monitor(s) | Keyboard | Mouse | Accessories
  • Work posture: Sitting | Standing | Alternating
  • Work pressure: Regulating options | Highs | Lows
  • Work environment: Lighting | Noise | Interior Climate | Orderliness and Tidiness
  • Work hours: Breaks
  • Workout: Moving | Relaxing

Length: about 30 minutes, including a report
Location: from the employee’s home

The online check occurs via a video-call. Therefore, it is necessary to use a smartphone, laptop or computer with a camera.

To open the leaflet with extra information, please click here.

Are you interested in an Online home-workplace check? Ask your manager or HR advisor whether you can use this service. Further information and registration is possible by getting in touch with Bedrijfsartsen5: secretariaat@5kwadraat.nl.