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Remote coaching

Healthy, motivated and satisfied at work… especially now

Right now, many employees are working in ways that are different from what they are used to: perhaps they are combining work at home with taking care of their children or they are working under immense pressure in an essential profession. How do employees cope with the changes and the uncertainties? How do they combine work and private life? From where do they get their energy? How do they remain engaged with their colleagues and still maintain a good situation at home?

As a result of the corona crisis, many employees experience more stress and fewer sources of energy. All these changes can cause them to feel that they are not in balance. Supporting your employees by means of coaching can prevent psychological-related absence.

Low-threshold coaching by telephone for your employees
In a telephone coaching session, your employee speaks with a coach about the current situation and which worries, challenges and issues this situation creates. Together with a Bedrijfsartsen5 coach, your employee looks for appropriate solutions. Subsequently, he or she gets to work with insights and actions. During a second discussion, this is discussed and fine-tuned further.

Our coaches assist you:
– in staying positive;
– with providing alternative ways of thinking and handling as a result of the corona crisis;
– with questions about the future;
– in working at home while children are at home;
– in dividing your attention;
– in relaxing and moving (exercising);
– in coping with the challenges in your work;
– with motivation, concentration;
– with social contact.

Are you interested and do you want more information?
Contact your confidential contact person or your advisor and discuss the need and possibilities that are suitable for your organisation. Or send an email to secretariaat@5kwadraat.nl. 

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